Thursday, 22 August 2013

Basic Introduction of View in MVC

   Basic Introduction of View in MVC with some input element and JavaScript

If you are beginner than i will suggest you to first read my first article which describe the basic of MVC and use of Controller

In MVC “V” stands for View. View is basically a User Inerface(UI) in MVC.

In this article I am just giving an introduction of VIEW.

In MVC we can create view in two manner which is either in .aspx form or in Razor which is in .cshtml or .vbhtml.

Razor is very powerful concept which is introduced in MVC 3. Razor is simply a new programming language which allows you to embed your C# and VB code with HTML.
When we create Razor for C# then it add .cshtml file but when we create Razor with vb then it add .vbhtml file.

In my next article series I will discuss Razor with its syntax in detail.

For this article I am focusing on how to create view, how to call view from controller etc.

For example:-

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